Saturday, February 17, 2018

they don't use jelly

I have been disappointed of late with the lack of dark beers to go with the still wintery nights!  It's getting lighter every evening, of course, but that doesn't mean we have to settle for endless pale ales and lagers.  Anyway, feeling adventurous, I found myself a fruity porter at La Tienda de la Cerveza.  The clerks applauded my choice.  This particular one is a tangerine porter, so I'm expecting some tanginess.  I just hope it still has some black beer weight.
Yeah, yeah, it's an old song...
It pours nicely, with a rich liquid chocolate appearance.  The head is a bit fluffy, not very resistant.  I get a much more standard porter aroma than I was expecting, I wouldn't think to list tangerine in the ingredients by smell.  There is a tart citrusy flavor running through the beer, nonetheless.  It rises up out of the aftertaste, once the smooth rather chocolatey porter is on its way down.  The initial taste is on the heavy side, typical porter, but the tangerine gives it a light, bright finish and perks up the taste buds for the next sip.  While I am really not a fan of chocolate covered oranges, or any mix of chocolate with citrus at all, Tangerine Porter seems to have gotten the blend just right.

Supplier: La Tienda De La Cerveza
Price: €4.40